The Element House 2.0

This exceptional residence, unique and innovative, is aiming at the LEED Platinum certification, the highest level in terms of energy efficiency.

Over and above its contemporary exterior design, which is stands out by the huge windows, simple shapes and net & precise volumes, the Element House 2.0 is distinctive mainly by the application of the bioclimatic architecture principles: it maximizes the benefits of natural lighting and reduces heat loss. Result: the heating bill is thereby reduced by half! To achieve such combination, superior insulation is the key: the walls have an R-38 insulation factor, while the ceilings achieve R-60!

Here are some of the many other energy features that add to this extraordinary house:

  • Radiant ceramic floor coupled to a blown air system
  • New generation air-water heat pump for air conditioning
  • Blinds and window automatic openers
  • Quality windows, positioned on the house to maximize sunshine benefits
  • Lighting (interior and exterior) provided by LED (which are themselves powered by photovoltaic solar panels) coupled to a reserve gel batteries with no toxic gases emission
  • This same reserve powers the refrigerator, water heater and the fire place and provides a certain level of autonomy in case of power failure
  • Heat recovery ventilator (HRV) with HEPA air filter
  • Rain water collection system that recovers 75% of the water from the roof to irrigate the yard and supply toilets

The interior house lay out and design make no exception:

  • Magnificent open staircase without rise-boards
  • Cathedral type ceiling
  • Surprisingly spacious laboratory type kitchen
  • Plenty of built-in storage space
  • Gas fireplace in living room
  • 5 bedrooms (3 upstairs and 2 in the basement) and 2 full bathrooms with shower

Built in Saint-Jérome, close to all services (commuter train, hospital, shopping mall, college, highway, etc.) the Element House 2.0 is astonishing. We deployed all our savoir faire to combine with style and skill sustainable development, exceptional contemporary architecture and superior comfort.

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